Getting Started Guide

Thank you for your interest in purchasing mobile game currency from the Onyx Market shop. We offer your favorite in-app purchases at a 50-80% discount, and we look forward to making your buying experience the smoothest ever.

If you've never bought in-game currency before, this guide will help you through the process.

The Order Process

  1. You fill out our secure order form
  2. You pay us using PayPal
  3. We deliver your gems/stones within 12-48 hours (usually much faster)

How it Works

Once we receive your order, we'll log into your mobile game account, deposit your gems/stones and then log out, leaving the rest of your account untouched.

We take privacy very seriously, and all order details are securely transferred over an encrypted SSL connection.

Facebook Login

You might be wondering why we ask for your Facebook login credentials. We need this in order to deliver your gems/stones.

This method requires you to give us an extra "recovery code" when you fill out the order form. Read this guide to learn how to generate a recovery code.

We will NEVER share your login details with anyone, and the credentials will be destroyed after your order is delivered. For extra security, we recommend you change your Facebook password after we deliver your order (you may also want to change your password before ordering if you use the same password for multiple sites).

In addition, your Facebook account is always safe when you turn on Two-Factor Authentication, because you can always reset your account via a text message to your cell phone.

Android vs iOS

Some games have device restrictions. Please check the list below to learn more about buying currency for your device:

  1. DBZ Dokkan Battle – You can still use iOS but you must use a desktop emulator like Bluestacks to spend your Dragon Stones. NOTE: You should spend all your Dragon Stones on iOS before placing your order or they will be lost during transfer.
  2. Naruto Ninja Blazing – You can still use iOS but you must use a desktop emulator like Bluestacks to spend your Ninja Pearls.

Can I get banned?

Nope! Out of tens of thousands of orders we have delivered, we have never had an account banned. We never use hacks or injections which could result in your account getting banned.